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Rope Access Services

Rope access is a method of safely and efficiently accessing hard-to-reach areas using ropes and specialised equipment. It is faster, less obtrusive, and safer than other methods of access, and has the advantages of being more flexible and cost-effective.


Facade Inspections

Inspections and audits play an important part of any facade maintenance program to help building owners and managers identify necessary defects and effectively plan repairs and budgets. Through visual examination as well as analysis using specialised equipment to detect hidden damage or potential issues, a rope access facade inspector can report on issues before they escalate into major problems.


Leak Detection

Leak detection involves identifying and fixing leaks on the roof or exterior facade of a building. This can be done through a combination of visual inspection, moisture testing, infrared thermography and fluid pressure testing. It is important to identify the root source and address leaks promptly in order to prevent further damage to the building and ensure the safety and comfort of the occupants. 

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Rope access painting is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective method for painting the exterior of buildings. It eliminates the need for scaffolding, reduces the time it takes to complete the job, and causes minimal disruption to the building and its occupants. Rope access technicians are trained to work on a wide range of building types and configurations, making it a flexible solution for all your painting needs.


Concrete Repairs

Addressing concrete repair issues promptly has several benefits, including cost savings, improved safety, improved aesthetics, and long-lasting solutions. Small repairs are generally less expensive and addressing issues early on can prevent them from worsening and becoming more costly. Repairs also improve the safety and appearance of your surfaces and, when done correctly by a professional, are more likely to last for a longer period of time.

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Urban Gardens

Maintaining a vertical garden using rope access techniques is a cost-effective and efficient way to keep your green wall looking beautiful and thriving. Rope access allows trained professionals to safely access and work on your vertical garden from various angles, without the need for scaffolding or other costly equipment. Rope access technicians can maintain irrigation and fertilising systems, prune, remove weeds, and control pests in your inaccessible gardens to keep it healthy and looking its best.

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Height Safety Inspections

Building owners & managers have a legal obligation to ensure that the height safety assets on buildings are safe for use. This includes performing regular inspections and ensuring that any work carried out at heights is done safely and in compliance with Australian Standards. During a height safety inspection, our team will carefully examine all of your height safety equipment and provide a detailed report on the findings. If the system is in good working order, you'll receive a compliance certificate valid for 12 months. 

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Height Safety Installations

Height safety systems are designed to protect workers who are working at heights or in other potentially hazardous environments. These systems can include a variety of different components including anchor points, static lines, ladders, walkways, and guardrails, which are used for applications such as roof access, facade access, fall protection, work positioning, and more. We offer design and installation of new systems as well as upgrades of existing systems to meet current regulations. Keep workers and contractors safe while working at heights by working with a certified height safety expert and providing compliant height safety systems.

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Rope access is a safe and efficient method for installing signage on buildings or structures. This means that the installation process can be completed quickly and with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. Additionally, rope access is cost-effective compared to traditional methods and can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Using rope access for signage installation is a smart choice for clients looking for a safe and efficient solution.


Window & Facade Cleaning

At Abseil Pro, we understand the unique challenges that owners and managers of high-rise buildings face when it comes to maintaining the appearance and functionality of their windows. We specialize in providing high-quality, efficient window cleaning services for commercial and residential properties. Our team is highly trained in rope access techniques, ensuring that we can safely and effectively clean any size or type of window, no matter how high or difficult to access.


Glass Restoration

Our glass restoration services include removing hard water staining, mineral calcification, scratches, scuffs, and blemishes from surfaces. Our processes are thorough and effective, using a combination of manual buffing and specialized abrasives to carefully remove the defect without damaging the surrounding glass. We take great care to ensure that the final result is smooth and flawless, with no visible signs of the repair. 


Repairs & Maintenance

Building repairs and maintenance are essential for the upkeep and longevity of any structure to help with the prevention of costly damages. Neglecting regular maintenance tasks such as inspecting roofing and facades and replacing aged or weathered components can lead to bigger problems down the line. Regular maintenance of buildings and structures can improve their energy efficiency and aesthetic functionality, and has a positive impact on the lasting value of the property.



With over 50 years of combined experience in the rope access industry, our team is committed to providing exceptional and versatile service to our clients. We specialize in hard-to-reach areas and offer a range of services through the expertise of our highly trained, multi-trade rope access technicians. Our comprehensive high-access facade maintenance service combines efficiency and reliability, ensuring that all of your height safety needs are met in a timely manner. Trust us to bring a dynamic and professional approach to every project.


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